Exciting Home Activities

The 10 Most Fun Things You Can Do at Home

So you’re bored and need something fun to do at home. Or maybe your kids are driving you insane whining that they’re bored constantly and you need to entertain them in the house. Whatever your reason, there’s an easy way to entertain your family at home and we’ve compiled a list of the ten best things to do to cure your boredom.

Have an indoor picnic

You have to make dinner anyway, right? So why not make it fun! Set up a blanket, make a picnic, and don’t skimp on the realistic details: pack it all in a basket like you would to go to the park, use plastic utensils and paper plates, have fun with it.

Have an international dinner night

Why not make your fun night in educational as well? Pick a country—we recommend doing this by randomly pointing at a spot on the globe—and research their foods, traditions, and cultures. Then decorate the place as close to culturally accurately as possible, prepare traditional foods, and spend the evening discussing the history and culture.

Play newscasters

This idea is especially great if you have children to entertain. Dress them up and write a “news report” for them, set up your own studio, film it with your phone, and save the memory forever.

Themed movie night

The options for this idea are endless. You can choose country-centered themes, mood-centered themes, themes based on the actors in the movie (example: Judy Garland movie night), etc. Decorate your house, prepare the movies, and set up the living room to accommodate maximum comfort.

Have a game night

All you need to make this idea possible is a deck of cards, a board game, or some multi-player video games. Kids will be beyond pleased, everyone should have a good time, and the memories will stick forever.

Host a karaoke night

With several apps available now to facilitate a karaoke night without the dated karaoke machine, this idea is easily thrown together in a matter of minutes and will prove to be fun for the whole family.

Have a craft night

Break out the construction paper, popsicle sticks, glue sticks, and whatever else you’ve got and prepare for endless fun with people of all ages. This idea is guaranteed to be a home run for the whole family.

Have a family reading night

Set up a lot of candles, break out the blankets, and have everyone find a comfy reading nook.

Host an epic water balloon battle

If it’s warm outside, put together the largest cooler you have filled with water balloons, head outside, pick teams, set up barriers, and prepare for the epic water balloon battle destined to live on in infamy.

Play model

You could also play model and set up a make-believe photo shoot. This can be done by dressing up in several different outfits ranging from kooky to drop-dead gorgeous, do hair and make up, and take tons of pictures.

Whichever of these boredom-killing activities you choose, you’re destined for a night full of memories that will last a lifetime.