Are You Prepared?

Family Camping Tips

Family camping trips can be fun for the whole family, but planning fun for all ages can prove to be quite difficult. We all know how kids are: they get excited to be in a new place, to be outside, and their knowledge of safety goes out the window. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you keep your family safe and make sure all ages have fun.

Use the buddy system

If you have more than one child with you, this safety tip can prove invaluable to you. Make sure every child has a buddy (a parent can also be a buddy if you only have one child with you) everywhere they go.

Buy your children whistles and make sure they always wear them

If they have a whistle on them and any thing happens, they can immediately and loudly call for help by blowing it if they are lost or have an issue with stranger danger. The whistle system is great for when they’re playing outdoors at a campground.

Bring layers

It gets cooler at night, so it’s very important to bring several layers of clothing for all who are coming. If you planned to just bring a jacket, you aren’t prepared for the different weather elements to which you could be exposed. Make sure to bring t-shirts, shorts, pants, a flannel, and a thicker jacket to assure your prepared for all temperatures.

Bring some outdoor toys

Keeping your children occupied will keep them safe and out of trouble. Bring some sidewalk chalk, skip-its, jump ropes, hula-hoops, bubbles, etc. and make sure your kids have stuff to do so they don’t wander off and risk getting lost.

Provide children with flashlights

Flashlights prove themselves invaluable when camping over night. The ability to see and be seen in the dark prevents injuries, getting lost, and several other mishaps that could happen when camping. You can also use them for games like shadow puppets.

Don’t forget the baggies

Baggies have innumerable uses on camping trips. From keeping electronics/books dry to becoming a makeshift ice pack, baggies can be your best friend. Make sure to pick up a box of baggies to take with you on your camping trip.

Have a fire at night

The best tradition with camping is the nighttime fire. You can roast weenies, marshmallows, and keep everyone warm with a nighttime fire. Plus, the kids will love cooking their own food and staying warm by the fire.

Camping with a family can be challenging, but, with a few preparations and plans, it can be a wonderful memory with very little stress or frustration. Plan some fun activities and be sure all children are using the buddy system. Above all, don’t forget to have fun.